Galisa Devine

Galisa is a hip hop dancer who has been dancing since the age of 7. She was an original member of Kidzact and part of the top performance team ProCrew. With ProCrew, Galisa has won many competition titles and performed at many amor events such as the Canada Games. She also had the honor of representing her home province in a national talent competition. Galisa began teaching and creating choreography at the age of 14. Her students and choreography has won many top awards. Galisa has worked with many industry professionals such as Hokuto (HOK) Konishi, Dominic (Dtrix)Sandoval, Ryan Feng, Sara VonGillern (Miss Von), Peipei Yuan(B-girl Peppa), Steve Bolton and Loretta Liebman. Galisa is the primary coach of the Kidzact competition crews and works under the direction of Scotty Nguyen, Director and Choreographer of Competition Crew Development.